Large dogs: $23.00 a night

Small dogs: $21.00 a night

Cats: $12.00 a night

Dog that need to be boarded separately must pay for each dogs rate. For example two large dogs boarded separate will cost $46.00 per night.

Dogs that can be boarder together get a five dollar discount! For example two large dogs boarded together will cost $41.00 per night.

If your pet needs medication that is no problem with no extra charge. However we do charge $5.00 per insulin shot.

Monthly Rates

Single small dogs: $480.00

Single large dogs: $530.00

Two dogs in the same cage is add $160.00 to monthly rate.

Single cat: $220.00

Double cats: $250.00

Daycare for all dogs is $12.00 a day

If two dogs come for day care and can be in the same cage it is $19.00 dollars a day. Two dogs and need separate kennels it is $12.00 per dog.


cute aussie.jpg

Haircuts Start at:

Small dogs: $40.00

Medium dogs: $35.00-$40.00

Large dogs: $50.00

X-Large dogs: $60.00

Brush and Baths Start at:

Small dogs: $30.00

Medium dogs: $35.00-$40.00

Large dogs:$50.00


*All rates vary on CONDITION of dog*


Flea dip: $5.00

De-shedding: $10.00

De-matting: $5.00 every 15 minutes

Nail trim: $5.00 Nail trims are included in all baths and haircuts. For just nail trims we do on a walk-in bases Monday thru Friday.

Anal glands: $10.00