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We require dogs have current rabies, distemper, parvo and bordatella vaccines. For cats we require current rabies and distemper vaccine. If your cat is over eight years old we don’t require shots. You can have your veterinary clinic email them to us or bring them in whichever works for you best. Our email is pinehillpetcare@gmail.com


Dogs stay in a run that is cement on three sides with a fence in the front. Their is a doggy door in the back that leads to an eight foot run that is fenced in but can see the dogs next to them.

Thank you to Pine Hill. Our dog loves it there as much as home and they really came through for us in our time of need.
— Brian Dexter
We’ve tried many other kennels in the area. Pine Hill is the best! Bella gets excited the second we pull into the entrance! We love Pine Hill Farm!
— Threasa Mike
Great people, great prices! My pom looks adorable and they took great care of her. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the area.
— Kari Baum


We offer daycare, drop off would be between 8am to noon and pick up would be between 4 to 6pm. Most people who have not boarded their pet before choose to do daycare for a few days before boarding their pet overnight. That seems to be a substantial way to make dogs be more comfortable with where they are. That is up to you to decide what is best for your dog.



*We do grooming Monday thru Friday ONLY*

Drop off for morning appointments are between 8am to 8:30am. Pick up time is 11:30-noon or 4-6pm.

We offer afternoon appointments. Drop off time is 8am to noon and then pick up is between 4-6pm.

We offer dog grooming services for all breeds, our groomers have experience grooming any type of dog breed and any request!